Storie InterRotte is a series of mini-documentaries realized with the journalists Andrea de Georgio and Annalisa Camilli in Chad, Mali and Italy as part of the project "Check point: stories of borders between Europe and the Sahel".

Storie interrotte is intended to be a look at the migratory phenomenon, starting from its new actors, their ambitions, their obstacles and their new technological tools, up to the social impacts and the new driving forces from the Sahel regions to Europe.

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The region of Kayes a rural area of Mali that produces over 80% of Malian migrants to Europe. Located in the heart of Sahel, this region is heavily subject to the advance of the desert, even harder and with no alternative to mass emigration. In these sunburnt lands almost all the women who meet are wives, mothers or sisters of migrants who have decided to take the "road of adventure" to improve the economic condition of their families. For some time now, however, the departure of men is no longer enough. So many young girls not yet married, aware of the enormous risks they face, get courage and plan to follow in the footsteps of their fathers, uncles and brothers to try to achieve the European dream.



People from Sambacanou, a village in Kayes region, can only count on the funds sent by relatives who have migrated to other countries. The young people, in the shadow of the new cistern, dream of following the route indicated by their fathers. But times have changed. Now, in order to avoid taking the "road of the desert and the sea", it is necessary to pay dearly for visas on the black market, placing themselves in the hands of corrupt intermediaries of the European embassies. Lassana is a young student from Sambacanou, after class, he calls his older cousins in France with WhatsApp. "Is it cold? It's snowing?". He is well aware of the dangers and difficulties of both travel and today's Europe. But he has no doubt: "As soon as I finish high school, I will leave too."



In 2018 about five thousand people crossed the border between Italy and France passing through Bardonecchia and Colle della Scala. At least three people died along the way because of hypothermia or because they got lost or fell into a crevasse. In the first months of 2019, every night between ten and fifteen migrants are rescued on the paths that connect Claviere, in Italy, to the Montgenèvre pass, in France. In most cases the French gendarmerie stop them, bringing them back to the Italian side, operating illegal group rejections without evaluating their asylum applications. But after a few days the boys try to cross the border again.

Promoted by Rainbow 4 Africa-Onlus and Cooperativa Orso, in collaboration with Engim Piemonte. The project is financed through the Consortium of Piedmontese NGOs by Frame, Voice, Report! with the contribution of the European Union. Media partner: Border radio, Radio Beckwith.